Welcome to RTCLab! Our company specializes in development of components for building real-time communication systems.

Our products and services provide the foundation of scalable and fault-tolerant systems of voice and video communications, embedded inside web-browsers and mobile devices.

Real-Time communications inside web-browser

Tranditional VoIP operators (e.g. Betamax) require their users to install additional software - SIP-softphones. Installation and setup of such software is never easy and many users simply give up and do not use their services.

We are offering a completely different way of providing telephony services. On any page of your website you can embed a light Flash component, which will let your users make calls directly from your web site without installing any additional hardware. Voice and video traffic from the user is then converted to SIP protocol, and passed on to your service.

The conversion of Flash traffic into SIP is done on server-sider using our RTCWeb Media Gateway component. This component can be used in two ways:

  • installation of RTCWeb Media Gateway on your servers (licensing)
  • lease of the required number of channels using RTCKit.com cloud service
More information about features and advantages of RTCWeb Media Server are available on our products page.

Custom communication solutions

To meet the needs of large communication portals and VoIP providers we can provide custom development services to intergrate our products with existing infrastructure. If you require professional development in the field of web communications, please contact us.